Sunday, June 18, 2017

Life Lately...

Hey there! I know it has been a while since my last post but we can thank the first trimester all-day sickness for that! Thankfully I am 20 weeks along now and feeling much better! I have been getting headaches pretty much every other day with this baby so I'm going to try my best to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Speaking of baby updates---- this past week we found out that our third and final baby will be a GIRL!!! We are absolutely thrilled and a little shocked to be honest! John and I were for sure thinking that we were having our third baby boy but nope---it's a girl!

Jack and Owen are super excited to be getting a baby sister!!

We announced the gender today at our house while we were having a Father's Day lunch with John's family and it was so much fun seeing everyone's excitement for baby girl!

Jack and Owen are both doing great! Jack is enjoying his summer vacation with frequent fishing trips with his Dad, adventures with Aunt Sam and unlimited Lego play time! Owen is loving being back at his pre-school too! He is always having fun and being silly and we are so glad he has such a wonderful environment to learn and play in.

John and I are both enjoying the summer time as well. John has been plenty busy with house projects, our gardens, and school and I have been finding my way at my new job-(which I absolutely LOVE). Our gardens have really taken off and just today Jackson counted 52 tomatoes in our garden!! Bring on the homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce! 

Life is really good and we are just loving each day as it comes. I have a few fun posts scheduled for this week and then on Thursday we are headed to New York for my little brother's high school graduation!! 12 hours in the car with the kids will be brutal but it will be so worth it to be back in my home town for a few days! 

Happy Monday!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Easy Pasta Salad

I love to make pasta salad! It is great as a work lunch or even just as a side with some grilled chicken. I also love how easy it is to make!

All you need is a box of tri-color pasta, a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing, and any toppings you want to throw in. For this batch I used chopped cherry tomatoes, mini cucumber slices, shredded mozzarella cheese, and some diced pepperoni.

Boil your pasta until al dente and then drain and rinse with COLD water until its very chilly. Once your pasta is chilled just dump it into a big bowl with your toppings and then use about 3/4 of the bottle of dressing and mix all ingredients together! Voila! Done! Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey!

This recipe is delicious and definitely has me thinking of summer time!

What are some of your favorite work lunches?


Friday, April 21, 2017

Life Lately!'s me! I'm back! I have been gone for about a month and I have so much wonderful news to share with all of you!

This was at 7 weeks, right before the evil all-day sickness kicked in!

Our Easter announcement made by Jackson :)

First and Foremost------ John and I are expecting our third baby this November! Both of my boys are February babies-(1 day and 8 years apart to be exact) so this little one took us all by surprise! We will find out what we are having in June and we are all so excited! Jackson is wishing for a baby sister but as always, I just hope and pray for a healthy baby. I am almost completely out of my first trimester and I'm praying that the all-day sickness and nausea go away very soon. It has gotten a little better with each week so hopefully it will be gone soon...#fingerscrossed So hopefully as I start to feel better you will see some more posts from me! This baby will be our last so I am hoping to soak up all the pregnancy milestones and baby fun!

The Boys--- Jackson and Owen are doing great! Jackson is learning how to roller-skate in gym class so that of course brought on a conversation about my time spent at InterSkate-88, all of my NY pals know what I'm talking about! He is loving it! He will be done with 4th grade in 5 weeks and he is looking forward to lots of fishing trips this summer with his Dad, our trip to NY for his Uncle's graduation, and a trip to his Grandpa and Gigi's farm. Owen is still wild-hahaha! He is doing great and will be going back to pre-school on Monday and we were lucky enough to get him back into his old classroom with his familiar teachers and friends. We absolutely love the staff and his school and are so happy that he will get to attend again!

Popcorn at Target = MIRACLE!

I would love to post more pics of this cutie but apparently he is too "old" for pictures-ha! This is one of him when we were on a Mom & Jackson lunch date!

That's pretty much our life lately! At home we John has been working really hard on the garden beds. The weather has been gorgeous and I can tell he is very excited to grow his own fruits and veggies. I have been sprucing up my front porch area by adding some flowers and some decorative accents and I think it is becoming my new favorite thing!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rustic Birthday Party

We celebrated Owen turning 2 and Jackson turning 10 last month with a fun, rustic, outdoorsy party! Jackson loves to fish with his Dad and Owen loves to play outside in the dirt with his trucks so our fabulous local bakery, Maxine's On Green, made the cake for us! Hannah at MOG is incredibly talented and I know we will return to her for every special occasion cake!

Jack was so excited for his cake and although I didn't have a picture of Owen with the cake, please know that he immediately found his trucks and grabbed them off the cake! It was adorable and we all loved the delicious cake!
(centerpieces are just mason jars filled with rocks, and sticks from the backyard with marshmallows)

The boys and their cousin waiting for more friends to come to the party!

I set up my desk in the foyer area and we displayed the birthday invitation, some pinecones and lights, and an adorable tackle box full of gummy worms, fish, and frogs!

I love setting up themed buffet tables! This one had Burly BBQ Pork sliders, Lumber Jack Mac-n-Cheese, Fresh veggie salad, and a berries and s'mores dip platter!

The party was so much fun and I loved putting all of the fun details together!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weekend Re-Cap & Menu No.7

This past weekend was our boys' birthday party! Jackson turned 10 on Friday, the 24th, and Owen turned 2 on Saturday, the 25th, so we celebrated on Saturday afternoon with a party fit for any wild, rambunctious, outdoors-loving boys! I will feature more details and information on the party later this week but here are a few snaps from the weekend--

On Friday, the temp was near 70! We played outside all afternoon!

If I had to describe Owen with one picture, this would be it. #nonstop #wild #bambam

I used some rustic decor to set the scene for the outdoorsy party. Gummies in a fishing tackle box and some pinecones with my Target dollar spot lights back from Thanksgiving greeted guests as they came into our house.

The main dining area and the 10 YEAR OLD!!!

Best.cake.ever from a local bakery here in town!

and then after the birthday storm had settled, I went into the playroom to see this sweetie actually using his chair for its real purpose, watching Daniel Tiger and still holding on to his balloons. #suchasweetie

Here is our menu for this week--

Monday- Teriyaki Salmon with Roasted Veggies
Tuesday- Blackened Chicken Fiesta Salad
Wednesday- Cheeseburger Salad
Thursday- Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Veggies
Friday-Homemade Pizza

*All of the above recipes are from the Skinny Taste site and I have made about 25 of her recipes so far. I plan to do a big review post of all of them either this week or next, so keep an eye out!*


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Friday, February 24, 2017

My Birthday Boys

Today is my first born's birthday. Jackson David Walter was born on 2/24/2007 at 1:04 am. I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to be his Mom for the past 10 years and as I look back on all of our adventures, our ups and downs, our highs and our lows, I realize just how incredible it is to see him today, getting his favorite plaid shirt on for school, telling me about some super-intelligent fact that went right over my head and then waving goodbye as he left our home to get on his bus to go to school. Jackson was born via emergency c-section and we are truly blessed that we both survived that ordeal. Jackson and I have been through multiple deployments when John was in the Army and countless moves for John's current job, but through it all we have always stuck together and managed to always have a positive and happy relationship. We look forward to our weekly movie nights, lego building time, and our walks down to the coffee shop to get smoothies. Oh my sweet, sweet, boy, I love you so much and I am so excited to see who you become!

John and I were very surprised to find out that we were expecting our second child in February of 2015. We were even more surprised when we found out that our new baby would be a boy and also share the same birth date as his older brother. As pregnancies sometimes go, we ended up with a planned c-section this time, and chose to have Owen's arrival be the day after Jackson's birthday. So our lovable wild-child, Owen Jacob Walter was born on 2/25/2015 at 8:04 am. These boys were just meant to be brothers and I am so glad that I get to be their Mom. Owen is quite opposite from Jackson. Owen is very daring and adventurous where sometimes Jack will shy away from certain situations. No matter how crazy or wild Owen may be he is also very caring and tender-hearted, just like his big brother and Dad. He loves his dogs-both real and stuffed animals, he likes giving people hugs and loves to smile really big. He also loves berries...large, large, quantities of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, whatever he can get his hands on! 

John and I along with many family members and friends will be celebrating these two boys with an outdoor adventure birthday party tomorrow and I am so excited to spend today and tomorrow celebrating two of the most incredible little people I know.



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Re-Cap & Menu No. 6

This past 3-day weekend was glorious! We had sunshine and temps in the upper 60's here in Indiana so we took full advantage of that by hiking, bbq'ing, and having a little fire at night. Weekends like this past one make me want summer to just be here already!

#momlife p.s. these are the BEST flip-flops ever!

I take the kids for a stroll on Friday's after school and they each share a smoothie! It's such a nice little treat to end the week.

If you look closely you can see Jack waving, he flew up the trail with his Uncle Andy, while John and I took our time with the little guy.

Soaking wet, but such a champ!

That night we had a bbq and sat around our new fire pit! It was great!

On Sunday night, John's hotel hosted their annual employee gala and it was so much fun! The food and entertainment were wonderful and it was nice to get a few hours of alone time with the husband.

After a long weekend, I relaxed on the couch with House Hunters and popcorn...Rusty did the same.

Here is our weekly menu-

Wednesday- Cod Fish Sticks

*All of these dinner recipes can be found on the Skinny Taste website. Our family has fallen in LOVE with Gina's healthy-yet-delicious recipes and I will be posting a recipe review next week on all of the different recipes that we have tried from her site.*


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